Live in the Now


Years ago, during a time of tight educational budgets, the satirical newspaper “The Onion” ran a story that to deal with the belt tightening some school districts had decided to cancel all teaching of the past tense, since the past was, by definition, “outdated.” Today, that might not be happening, but when it comes to blogging ideas, you could be forgiven for thinking that it already did.

Blogging is almost always about the present tense and the hear and now. Typically, blogging journalism is about current stories and online information that is very much in the present tense. Great life tips might include platitudes such as to live in the present. Nonetheless, the past also informs the present, which is why William Faulkner said the past is never dead. In fact, it is not even the past.

There are a lot of reasons why people might want to live in the present. But there is almost no doubt that, when people write, they almost universally want to write there. The present tense does not need to be what defines someone. Everyone has their own unique experiences.

Nonetheless, the present is always the most relevant information to anyone in any immediate situation. It is for this reason that the most successful blogs will be those that use the present tense. The present does not contain everything, though it is the moment in which everything that exists actually does exist. There is relevance to the past and future as well.

Nonetheless, the present is the only time that people have to make a difference. And it is for this reason that blog writing should be firmly focused on the here and now. Blogging is something that can make a difference for everyone who is looking for the best method of influencing the world around them.

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