Day: August 15, 2013

Want a Snack That Is High in Protein, May Help Prevent Cancer, and Help with Weight Loss?

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Benefits of soybean

Snacking has a bad rep. Popular snacks, like potato chips, pretzels, cookies, and cheese doodles are high in fat and sodium, and have little nutritional value. Eating more small meals, including snacks, however, speeds up your metabolism and helps maintain an ideal weight. The key is to snack healthy. How?

Soy Products

Do not know how to snack healthy? One of the easiest ways is by snacking on soy. Samuel Bowen, a sailor who stopped in China, brought back soybeans for American consumption in 1765. Since then, researchers have discovered more and more benefits of soybeans and soybean products.

What are some soybean health benefits? Soybean products, l Read More