Day: August 13, 2013

How Are Your Chairs?

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Designers chairs

In medieval times, only noblemen and people in the upper echelons of society used chairs. They were for people in power, which is notable because thrones were a symbol of power, and thrones were elaborate chairs. People of lower classes often sat on the floor or perched themselves on backless stools. Today, you can buy designer chairs, replica furniture and even ghost chairs. The types and varieties of chairs are seemingly endless.

Did you know that Charles Darwin can actually be considered the inventor of the office chair? he was the first person to put wheels on an armchair, and he did so to move around his office and view his specimens more easily. Today, nearly every chair used for work has Read More

Want to Cure People Worldwide of Diseases like HIV, AIDS, and Malaria?

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Global health university

Everyone knows that there are initiatives, feasible or not, to promote world peace. That may be too big of an issue to tackle, but health is not. Well being and health is something common to people all around the globe, and many epidemics, like HIV and AIDs, affect people worldwide. It only makes sense, then, to tackle these issues on a global scale. How?

The World Health Organization

The World Health Organization (WHO) is trying to answer that very question. WHO is a specific branch of the UN, with its roots dating back to April 7, 1948. The organization and its global health research already freed the world from smallpox in 1977, and they do not plan to stop there. Current members, most operating out of WHO headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland, are trying to arrive at global soluti Read More