Day: August 6, 2013

White Hat Versus Black Hat and Reselling SEO


Best seo reseller program

More often these days you may encounter businesses advertising the selling and reselling of what are known as SEO services. Some may even offer a services as a social media reseller but the two are fairly different animals. So you may be asking what SEO even is and why reselling SEO is gaining in such popularity.

SEO stands for search engine optimization. An SEO reseller essentially works by creating fantastic content that people want to read and incorporating commonly used and searched for keywords and phrases geared towards a certain target audience. This content is then posted to the website of the client or individual. When a phrase or a certain word is entered into a search engine, the system uses web bots known as Read More

Hungry? Check Out the Best Restaurants in Rochester

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Rochester restaurant

When it comes to restaurants rochester ny residents have lots to choose from. No matter what they are hungry for, people can visit lots of different places in Rochester to grab a great meal. However, because of all the different options, it can be hard to make the right choice. In order to help make the selection process easier, hungry people might want to check out the Best Restaurants of 2012 published by the Rochester City Newspaper. Every award was voted on by thousands of voters who submitted their opinion.

Upstate, NY is known for its chicken wings, so many will want to grab a dozen, some fries, and a couple beers when they are hungry. The survey found that Jeremiahs Tavern, located on Monroe Ave., is the best place to g Read More