Day: August 11, 2013

Ask Yourself These Questions Before Getting Dental Implants

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Dental implants dentists

What do teeth, fingerprints, and snowflakes have in common? All of them are singularly unique, and no two are identical. Even identical twins are not born with identical sets of teeth. Teeth are very important, as they not only help chew food, but they can also serve an aesthetic purpose. Not everyone has the smile they hope for, though, and dental implants are sometimes needed. But how do you know if you need implants? By asking the following questions, you can better decide if you need to visit a Kansas City cosmetic dentist or other qualified professional.

What are dental implants? When a tooth is missing, an artificial root, usually made of titanium, is placed in the gum in order to support bridges, dentures, or single prosthetic teeth. Implant dentists place the implant in the bone socket, and Read More

YNot Pizza and Italian Cuisine in Virginia Beach Virginia

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YNot Pizza and Italian Cuisine

5257 Providence Road

Virginia Beach, Virginia 23464


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Delivering the best pizza and Italian food in the area. Come and enjoy our hand-tossed pizzas, calzones and Stromboli, or sample our world class traditional Italian pastas, breads, pastries, salads, soups and surprises. Available for delivery, pickup or dine in.

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