Day: August 3, 2013

How Industrial Shelving Solutions Affect You Everyday


Modular industrial shelving

Industrial shelving solutions are not something many of us think about on a regular basis, but are a very important part of many industries. For example, companies operating full scale distribution centers, archive and record environments, manufacturing facilities, and warehouses are all frequent users of industrial shelving solutions. These innocuous products can be seen in pretty much every industry that we interact with on a daily basis. Every time you buy something off of Amazon, or go to your local big box electronics store, you are dealing with products that were stored using industrial shelving solutions.

If you have a business that makes use of industrial shelving solutions such as cantilever racks, pallet racks, and the like, you might be unaware of just how much the best industrial shelv Read More

Defense Base Act Attorneys

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Jones act attorney

If you do dock work, marine work, or related work and you have been injured, you may need a Defense Base Act lawyer. Longshore and harbor workers compensation and maritime claims may seem difficult and complex, but you can get help in presenting your case. A Defense Base Act lawyer will be familiar with the compensation mechanisms and requirements of the Defense Base Act (DBA) and related legislation, like the Longshore Compensation Act (LCA), which work together to protect you and your family if you are injured or killed on the job. The DBA and LCA work together to provide a safety net for injured workers.

If you or a loved one has been injured on the job in a dockyard or maritime situation, y Read More