Month: July 2013

Moving Your Family to a New Military Station?


Military rent

Moving and displacing your children can be damaging to their social skills and emotional health. But, if you are in the military, sometimes you do not have a choice.

The following tips can help you make military moves as painless for you and your family as possible.

Think of the Kids

More than half of military children, up to 60 percent, are school age. That means every time you move, you are taking your child out of one school and forcing him or her to adjust to another.

Military housing privatization, or cheaper, military only homes, may be an option. Always being the new kid is not fun. Other military children will know how your child feels.

Do Your Research

Depending on the size of the community, Read More

Exciting, Exhilarating Big Game Hunting


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Hunting is one of the oldest activities known to man. Early humans hunted mammoth in groups, by either chasing it off a cliff or using a combination of spears and rocks as weapons. Hunting continues to be a popular activity for many Americans today. Big game hunts are particularly exhilarating as they offer an opportunity to take down animals that one may never encounter or have the chance to conquer. Here are some of the most common targets in big game hunts and maybe something you could see yourself going after on a hunting trips.

  • Bears
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    Many North American bears are endangered or protected species, and are therefore unable to be hunted. However, the North American black bear, the smallest and most common bear species, is free for big game hunters to seek out. A Read More