Use Pods To Make the Move as Smooth as Silk


Long distance movers

Long distance movers know how horrible moving can be. Heck, even people who move down the street know that moving is one of the worst things to have to do. No one likes to take a whole weekend to pack every single thing that they own, cram it all willy nilly into a moving truck, and hope that it does not shift too much, then drive the big, unwieldy moving truck to their destination, then unpack the truck, while trying to figure out which room each box should go into. I can honestly say that I think moving might be one of the most stressful things a person can do. I would rather be trapped in a room with a tiger than move again.

But, relatively new to the scene, is a simple technology that can alleviate the stress of a move ten fold. I introduce to you the latest innovation: pods. Moving pods are like portable versions of the storage units you find at any rentable storage facility. It is a big, rectangular box, with doors on one end. Or like you plucked the back off of a moving truck. You can pack it just like a moving truck, but you do not need to worry about a ramp, or getting furniture up a height at all, because the pod can be placed right on the ground.

When you rent a pod, the company will come with it on the back of a truck, and drop it right in the driveway or lawn, wherever you need it, so you can casually pack it at your own leisure. That is one of the best parts about the pod, it is cheap enough to rent for several days at a time, so you can take your time in filling it up. You can make sure that the contents are solid and in the perfect order to make the unloading process a snap. Once it is packed to your liking, the moving company comes back, scoops it up onto their truck, and delivers it to your new location. They plop it down there and then you take your time unloading it.

Once you are done with the pod, the company comes back one last time and picks it up. You pay for how long you kept it and for the moving process. But it will still come out cheaper than if you had rented a truck and paid for the mileage and gas for a two days worth. So instead of losing sleep and weight and hair over the stress of an upcoming move, just rent a pod and you will never fear a move again.

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