Day: July 15, 2013

Build Your Home How You Want it


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Most homes are stock homes. That leads to a very important and pressing question: What exactly are stock homes?

Stock homes are houses built using existing plans. Homeowners pick from a handful of select designs, and that is it. That is as much influence as stock homeowners will have when building their homes.

That is like going to get a tattoo, choosing a butterfly from the provided illustrations, and living with that same image, reproduced on countless arms, backs, and ankles, for the rest of your life. Most people choose not to do that. Most people want to be unique. Why not be unique when it comes to your home?

New home builders in Arizona have that opportunity. Scottsdale home buil Read More

History Lives in Key West and So Can You!


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Located at the southernmost tip of Florida and connected by bridges, the Keys are a string of islands about two and a half hours from the mainland. And it’s worth every bit of the drive, or flight when you get to Key West and discover what a beautiful place the Keys are and why so many people are interested in Old Town Key West real estate. A popular resort destination, Key West is full of rich history.

Tourists and newcomers often hear about how the Keys were nicknamed the Conch Republic because of the time the Keys seceded from the United States in a 1982 protest about immigration. Tshirts bearing the name Conch Republic can be seen and purchased throughout Key West.

What makes Old Town Key West real estate attractive to home buyers is the natural beauty of the land and the feeling of seclusion that t Read More