Did You Know that Jeans Have Quite the Interesting History?


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My jeans are easily one of the best investments that I have ever made. Whether I wear my dark wash jeans, my midrise jeans, my ankle jeans, my best fitting jeans or my boyfriend jeans, I always feel comfortable, stylish and confident in them. I mean, they are just perfect for everything nowadays. You can wear them to the office, to work, for dress occasions, for whenever, really.

Did you know that approximately 450 million pairs of jeans are actually sold in the United State each and every year. At first, they were worn solely by farmers, cowboys and other manual laborers, dominantly in the Western parts of the United States. It was not actually until the 1950s that they entered the subculture of America, and then eventually into the mainstream culture.

They also used to be called “waist overalls.” I am so glad that we now have different names for them. If I had to call my favorite boyfriend jeans “waist overalls,” I think I would die. Yep. Actually, I know I would die if I could not call them boyfriend jeans.

Those same boyfriend jeans that are my favorite are nice because they are Levi Strauss brand. But did you know that it was Jacob Davis, not Levi Strauss, who was the first to actually use the copper rivets on jeans, because he did not have the funds to apply for a patent, though, he partnered with Strauss. Crazy, right?

Did you also know that the United State Navy permitted the use of denim beginning in 1901, although sailors had been wearing bell bottom pants for years. These wide legs allowed the sailors to roll the pants up above the knee while they washed the decks of the ships, which is why they wore the jeans.

Who would have thought that there was such an interesting history behind jeans? I feel like I am a big part of some kind of cultural heritage when I wear my favorite boyfriend jeans.

Do any of you have a favorite pair of jeans? Perhaps a pair of boyfriend jeans for yourself, maybe? Please comment and share your opinions!

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