Day: July 10, 2013

Diamonds Still a Girl’s Best Friend?


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Wedding rings for women goes as far back as ancient Egypt, though there have been numerous significant changes to the way that people go about their business since that time. They might still wear the ring on the same finger. Nonetheless, a wedding set can include everything from an engagement ring to a matching pair of wedding rings.

Typically, today, when women get engaged they get diamond engagement rings. Around 80 percent of women get one of these rings. Nonetheless. wedding rings for women come in all shapes and sizes and the engagement rings dc offers can offer a broad range of choices for couples who are just starting out.

It is for this reason that couples should fam Read More

Dental Problem or Dental Emergency?


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What is considered a dental emergency? Nearly everyone is concerned about their teeth, and when problems occur, even the manliest of manly men might start looking for 24 hr dental emergency care. But given the chronic overcrowding in ERs and relentless wear and tear on emergency staff, we may be better served by asking ourselves what constitutes an emergency in general, and then applying those criteria to dental situations to decide whether or not to seek immediate attention.

The first factor to consider in any health related matter is breathing. Any EMT will tell you, their first priority is to make sure their patient has an unobstructed airway and is getting enough breath to function properly. This can be applied to a dental emergency question as well. If, due to tooth infection or dental injury, there i Read More