Month: June 2013

Planning a Military Move


Military do it yourself move calculator

Moving to a new home carries along with it a great deal of stress. The organization and execution of a move requires time, energy, and a great deal of planning. A do it yourself military move, known as a DITY, is considered by some to be even more stressful, though it comes with some added perks. Because DITY moves are reimbursed by the government, military moves can actually turn a profit. As long as you move your belongings on your own as a result of a Permanent Change of Station, Temporary Duty, or Temporary Additional Duty, DITY move reimbursement is an option.

In a military dity move, expenses including truck rental, packing materials, furni Read More

Find a Tax Lawyer to Help You


Irs debt tax lawyer

A lot of Americans owe back IRS taxes. Once you get into such a situation, it can sometimes be difficult to find your way out. What do tax lawyers do? They help you to find the light at the end of the tunnel. The answer to the questions, what do tax lawyers do, can be simple or difficult depending who you ask. If you are considering finding tax law lawyers to help get you on track with paying back taxes to IRS listen up, and we will try and explain what do tax lawyers do for you.

Depending on your situation a tax levy can be put in place by the IRS. It is an action that allows the Internal Revenue Service under statutory authority to seize your property. Some of the property they may impose a levy upon include wages, bank accounts, social security payments, insurance proceeds, real property, and sometime Read More