Some Great Ideas For Trying Hummus


Roasted garlic hummus

Nothing screams party pleaser like roasted garlic hummus dip. Especially if you make it yourself! It is perfect for all sorts of guests because hummus is easy to make, nutritious, and vegetarian friendly. Hummus calories should be nothing to worry about since it is a very guilt free snack when combined with fresh veggies or crackers.

An easy hummus recipe can be found just about anywhere, but why not step it up by adding your own favorite twists? Find a recipe that works for you, and incorporate your favorite veggies or your favorite flavor. Spicy hummus dip can be made by using red pepper flakes, garlic, and a little bit of hot sauce.

Pesto hummus can be made with basil, pine nuts, and olive oil. If you prefer sweet and salty, you can even use raisins and dried apples for a bit of an odd, yet strangely satisfying fruit hummus. Recipes with hummus vary in this way, since people can get creative with it, and often pair it with things other than vegetables, like chips, pretzels, or bread.

Hummus spread is easy and great to have at not just parties but as a snack or a filling lunch. One of the main ingredients is tahini, which is used to give it that rich consistency. Chick peas are the second main ingredient, and may be the primary ingredient since hummus is a chick pea dip. After that, whatever you choose to add with decide the flavor.

Roasted garlic hummus dip is by far the most popular. However spinach and artichoke is another interesting choice, and can be made by adding freshly steamed spinach and artichokes. The freshness of ingredients is imperative to an excellent hummus.

Making your own is quite simple, but store bought can do in a pinch. Always check for freshness, and never hesitate to try new flavors! Find out more at this site.

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