When It Comes to Good Car Maintenance, Do Not Forget About Your Tires


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As a part of regular automotive maintenance, everyone remembers the oil change, filters, brake repair, engine repair, and fluid levels. Unfortunately, we rarely get around to taking care of the part that matters most until the automotive repair people remind us. When it comes to car maintenance, tires need a little more attention than they usually get. Due to under-inflated tires there are approximately 33,000 injuries each year, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Few people realize that even with proper maintenance, a tire only lasts for about six years. Still, with the help of your automotive specialist and a little bit of monitoring on your own time, you can be sure to keep tabs on when your tires need to be replaced. When that time comes, though, do you know what kind of tires should be going on your vehicle?

  • All terrain tires.
  • If you are spending a little bit of time on road, and a little bit of time off road, then you want to look for all terrain tires for your vehicle. They have an interlocking tread design that works on various surfaces, such as snow, ice, mud, and pavement. Goodyear tires carry all terrain varieties.

  • Off road tires.
  • Off road tires keep their traction with tread lugs, which get down into loose and slick surfaces. If slippery, muddy, and rocky terrain is in your future, then you want to make sure your tires are up to the challenge. Despite their strength, off road tires are not necessarily suited to wintertime conditions such as ice, slush, and snow.

  • Snow tires.
  • Snow tires are specifically designed to keep pliant even when the temperature drops. They also have a special tread, with channels in it known as “sipes.” This tread gets down into snow and ice to improve traction. There are several kinds of snow tires to choose from. Performance tires also work well on dry road, but sacrifice a little bit of ice and snow traction. Studless tires are perfect for ice and snow, and are a little more convenient than tires with studs. Studdable snow tires provide enhanced performance in icy conditions.

    When you do go to have your tires replaced, or a different kind of tires put on, make sure to choose an Aaa approved repair facility. Do not neglect regular maintenance checks on your tires just because they are new. With proper care, you can increase the lifespan of your tires by about 50%. Driver safety is as much about how you drive, as it is about the state of your car and its tires.

    All terrain tires are perfect for those that may live a little off the beaten trail. Off road tires are for the adventurous. Snow tires are for those who want added security in wintertime conditions. Choose the proper tires to keep you and your car safe.

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