Day: September 28, 2013

Tips for Buying Designer Diamond Engagement Rings

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Aaaah, the beauty of gold and diamonds. The diamonds sparkle and the gold shines. Did you know that the oceans hold the greatest single reservoir of gold? However, the cost of extracting it would be more than the value of the gold. Oh, and did you know that the space program uses gold? The visors of space helmets receive a coating of gold. This coating is so thin that it is partial transparent allowing astronauts to see through it, while the layer reduces glare and heat from sunlight.

The ancient Egyptians were buries wearing rings made of gold or silver wire. The rings were worn on the third finger of their left hand, which was believed to be connected directly to the hart by the vena amoris. This is one of the many stories about where wedding rings originated. Currently, a wedding or bridal set i Read More