Day: September 2, 2013

The Finer Points of Contemporary Art Auctions


The modern art

Through contemporary art auctions, you have the chance to bid on several different genres, as well as a variety of styles and artists whose importance to movements is incalculable.

You see, contemporary art auctions offer paintings from after 1970, because that is when the distinction between modern art and contemporary art was drawn. This was because around the year 1970 the terms “Postmodern” and “Postmodernism” popped up in the cultural lexicon of the nation. Contemporary art is considered widely to be much more socially conscious than any other form of art. Some of the subjects addressed by the paintings one would see at contemporary art auctions include ideas like feminism, multiculturalism, globalization, bio engineering and AIDS.

While contemporary art no longer deals with American Modernism it was Read More