Day: September 4, 2013

Earn Top SEO Rankings With Focused and Timely Content


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Article spinning no longer works. Low quality content is not going to help. It will, if anything, hurt your company. Keep your company at the top of search engine result pages, and do it with quality content. How are more companies making sure content is well written, valuable, and high quality?

Niche Writing

As many as 61% of people online are more inclined to actually buy something after reading content, but only after reading high quality articles. The important thing for companies to know, then, is what makes articles high quality? Consumers deem articles “valuable” when they contain unique or specialized information or, in other words, fill a niche. Even I Can Has Cheezburger picked a topic and ran with it. If you are going to capture readers’ attention, pick an area of focus, and stick to Read More

In Debt? Let Someone Dig You Out


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Currently, American consumers owe 11.31 trillion U.S. Dollars in debt. The average amount of credit card debt an American adult owes is 15,266 U.S. Dollars, giving the typical family quite a large credit card bill at the end of each month. More debt accumulates when a consumer does not pay off the things they have charged on a credit card, only causing them to sink farther and farther into large amounts of debt.

The Aggregate Revolving Consumer Debt Survey is conducted each month by the Federal Reserve, and informs Americans on how much outstanding debt the country has total. In 2012, around 54 percent of Americans said that they had more money saved for emergencies than they had in credit card debt. However, credit card debt continues to be one of the largest issues U.S. citizens face to date.

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