Day: September 8, 2013

Harness Policies, Security, and Training to Successfully Implement BYOD


Mobile workforce solutions

Approximately 42% of all workers are using their own smartphones to help them do their jobs. Employers only expect the BYOD phenomenon to continue to gain ground. With many employees choosing to use iPhones, it has become necessary for companies to consider iPhone management as a part of their BYOD programs. If your employees prefer the use of iPhones, then following these three steps will help you to successfully implement BYOD in your workplace.

  1. Establish a policy.
  2. Research done internationally has shown that a signed Byod policy is on hand for only 20% of employees. You can start by creating a thorough policy which outlines your business goals, inc Read More

Four Problems Every Family Might Deal With


Family help

Every year in the United States, more than six million people visit family therapists. More specifically, 3.4% of all households, more than 800,000 children, and more than 750,000 will make an appointment to try to overcome certain family issues and problems. Everyone is unique and will have different needs and concerns when it comes to receive family help. But while there is not necessarily one type of help family problems will all be solved by, the best therapists or counselors will have lots of experience and training and be able to answer questions and provide assistance about a number of common issues.

Financial Disagreements

At times, money has the ability to represent freedom, independence, and even control. As a result, if Read More