What Something Different? Consider Antler Furniture Decor


Barn wood bedroom furniture

A wonderful way to add some character to a home is adding texture. Add that texture by including an antler furniture decor style. Log furniture will also fit in well with the antler furniture decor to add even more texture.

Antler furniture decor can be a great fit for people who have a log home. Log homes are becoming increasingly popular. It is interesting to note that seven different United States Presidents were born in log cabins. Those log cabins were probably much different that the contemporary log homes that we see today. However, those old log homes may have included some antler furniture decor.

Many people today want to actually build their own log homes, complete with antler furniture decor. There are many log cabin home companies that offer advice via their building plans. Of course, these plans are a bit more detailed than those Lincoln Logs of our childhood. Oh, and did you know that Lincoln Logs were invented by the son of the famous architect, Frank Lloyd Wright? Just imagine the creative buildings that first set of Lincoln Logs saw!

In addition to building log homes, many people also want to build their own log furniture and antler furniture decor pieces. This takes a log of time and skill, so if you are thinking of building your own furniture, be prepared to be very patient. But in the end you may end up with real log furniture, including log beds or authentic aspen furniture that is as comfortable as it is beautiful. And knowing that you added antler furniture decor that was created with your own hands will be very satisfying.

There are many different styles of log furniture that you can choose from to accentuate your antler furniture decor. You can find rustic barn wood furniture and rustic kitchen furniture to complete the look. You can even find outdoor furniture and accessories to top of the style of your home.

Finding antler furniture decor will not be difficult. Many home furnishing stores carry many rustic collections. And, who does not like browsing for new furniture, so you will have a lot of fun furnishing your new home or custom log home.

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