Make Your Work Count, Resell Web Design

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Many internet marketers are faced with the very difficult task of trying to provide great Seo and social media resources to companies with abysmal websites. The hard truth is that there is very little point in search marketing if the site it points to can’t hold viewers for more than five seconds.

We’re past the point, now, where it’s considered acceptable. Internet usage is astronomical. It was estimated that in 2012, 88.1% of U.S. internet users over the age of fourteen browsed or researched products online. An incredible 64% of smartphone users shop online with their devices. Only two years ago, in 2011, eCommerce sales topped $200 billion. We can’t say that internet marketing is the future anymore. The future is here, and it left many businesses behind. There’s one great way for internet marketers to bring them up to speed and justify all their SEO efforts: resell web design.

Many internet marketing companies that make their SEO and social media services available for resale also resell web design, allowing an opportunity for those who specialize in SEO and social media to provide an additional service to their clients. Let’s look at a worst case scenario:

You’ve been providing great SEO and social media services to a client for a couple of years, and they’re seeing a huge increase in hits. However, the client’s site lacks solid branding, basic organization, and good design. The site is getting hits, but no visitors are staying on the page for any length of time. What has been the point of your efforts? Your client is unhappy, because they aren’t seeing conversions. You’re unhappy because the client’s unhappy. Nobody wins.

Making the choice to resell web design, however, means that you have an opportunity to increase your client’s satisfaction while still getting a cut. If you refer them to an outside source, you might get a finder’s fee. If you resell web design, however, you can even upcharge for the site, and make a profit off of your client’s need. Everybody wins.

Choosing to resell web design is a great option for you as well as for your clients. Get in touch with a company that supports resellers today. They’ll get you started on the path to profits and greater client satisfaction.

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