Four Reasons to Choose the Best Motor Oil Installers Around


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The old adage says that your body is a temple. By that line of thinking, you car should also be thought of a sacred place. Learning the facts about motor oil will help you make the right choice for your car on an engine oil that meets American Petroleum Institute standards. Here are four reasons to choose the best motor oil installers for your car.

1. One of the most important motor oil facts to learn is how it is made. When determining what motor oil to use, keep in mind where it comes from. All motor oil is made from chemical compounds that are either petroleum-based or non-petroleum synthesized.

2. Around the world in 2009, vehicles produced about 3.7 billion gallons of used motor oil. Obviously, this is a huge number, and motor oil installers worldwide make it their job to fill cars with certain products that meet certain motor oil standards. Any API-certified oil is typically better as it results in a better car performance.

3. The United States Environmental Protection Agency estimates that every year, about 200 million gallons of motor oil are dumped illegally. This is unfortunate given the remarkably recyclable nature of all motor oil types. After all, motor oil does not wear out. It only gets dirty. Motor oil installers can recycle it and save a valuable resource.

4. About half of all motor oil in Europe is re-refined, which is good news for motor oil installers. Even though the motor oil in the United States is only has about 10-15 percent re-refined, it is better than none. The best place for an oil change is likely a garage or shop that has been recognized as meeting certain API standards.

Though motor oil installers can put any motor oil type into your car, some are better than others. Oils not certified by the API can lead to a decrease in car performance over time. Look for the API mark on certified bottles and at services that provide motor oil installers for your car.

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  1. It really is super important to choose higher quality oils for your car as lesser ones could significantly hinder its performance on the road. Speaking from experience here.

  2. My car totally is a temple, I only put the finest stuff in in so it will get me through another two years of lawschool. Come on baby!

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