An Apple a Day, is Not Enough


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Most of us have heard the expression ‘a smile is worth a thousand words’. Arguably in today’s society however, a smile is worth much more.

To think that only a century ago, nearly half of the North American adult population were without teeth, is a very startling concept given the fact that now less than 10% of Americans over the age of 65 have lost a single tooth. In fact, with most tooth loss now occurring in those under the age of 35 due to accidents, athletic trauma, or fights, 24 emergency dentists are readily available for those not concerned with having a regular dentist but perhaps same day dental implants. For those who are concerned, finding a general dentist for yourself, or a caring family dentistry for your family is as easy as browsing dental reviews online to find one best suited for you or your family’s needs.

Annual checkup and cleaning simply not enough? Join the club. The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry reports that more than 99% of Americans think the social assets of a smile is very important in today’s society. With a pearly white smile on the minds of so many Americans, the desire for cosmetic dental work in addition to the regular checkup is sought after. However, whether or not a procedure to improve one’s smile is truly worth it though is entirely dependent on how much the recipient is willing to spend, as the average cosmetic dental work procedure ranges from $5,000 to $6,000. Nevertheless, Americans annually spend $1.4 billion on cosmetic dental work and tooth whitening products.

It is important to note however, that although most cosmetic dental work aims to improve the look of one’s smile, cosmetic dentistry procedures may also be used to provide added security for a required dental procedure, such as dentures. For those in need of prosthetic teeth, one may choose regular or mini dental implants for dentures. What are mini dental implants? Though considered to fall under cosmetic dental work, mini dental implants are anchors set in the jaw and are designed to help secure dentures from slipping as the dentures snap onto these anchors. Mini dental implants are, as guessed, smaller than regular dental implants, though both work in the say way. Dental implant price varies depending on the amount of work needed, and whether or not one is looking for the best cosmetic dentist on the market. Additionally, for those who find themselves needing prosthetic teeth but are terrified of this procedure, a sedation dentist may be just the thing, as it makes any cosmetic dental work, or non cosmetic dental work for that matter, far more relaxing for the patient.

With so many options at your disposal, and so long as you have the funds, cosmetic dental work in addition to your basic dental checkup is really just as viable as picking up a new watch or piece of jewelry to compliment your daily attire. For more information see this.

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