Workers’ Compensation in Arizona


Workers compensation in arizona

Getting hurt on the job is a common occurrence in dangerous jobs, especially construction, remodeling, law enforcement, and emergency services. Some of the lesser known careers that can be dangerous include food service and the medical field. The first thing many people ask is “What do I do if I get hurt at work?” The first thing that an employee should do is report the accident and the injury to their direct supervisor, who will then fill out an accident report. Most mid sized and large employers carry workers’ comp insurance, and they will look through your report to determine if you are eligible. Individuals may apply for temporary disability benefits through Workers’ Comp if they have been unable to work due to a work related injury for an entire week, and these individuals usually receive between fifty and seventy percent of their normal wage. Some workers’ compensation plans cover only medical bills accrued after the injury (which have inflated by almost 50 percent over the last ten years), while others may allow for compensation for economic loss as a result of your inability to work. A majority of companies have a “return to work” program after paying a workers’ comp claim.

If you find that the company has denied your claim and you need to appeal their ruling, you may find yourself asking, once again, “What do i do if i get hurt at work?”, and the person to ask at that point is one of the workers compensation lawyers available in your area. The answer many workers compensation attorneys have for the question, “What do I do if I get hurt at work?”, is to go to court and appeal the ruling.

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