Month: May 2013

How to Understand the Longshore Harbor Workers Compensation Act


International workers compensation

In 1920, the Merchant Seaman Protection and Relief Act was passed to offer workers compensation and protect injured longshoreman, seaman and other maritime workers. This act is also known as the Longshore Harbor Workers Compensation Act and it handles, with the aide of expatriate compensation and defense base act attorneys, 27,000 cases annually. These cases are any form of disability, illness or death that is covered under the Longshore Harbor Workers Compensation Act. The maritime claims generally refer to and represent the claims followed under the longshore and harbor workers compensation act, by oil platforms, cargo ships, boats and all variety of seafaring vessels. According to the Longshore Harbor Workers Compensation Act, contractors made up the bulk of maritime contractors in Afghanistan and Iraq in 2011. Of all these contractors, Dba lawyers state that death benefits are a special circumstance in which funeral expenses up to $3,000 are added to the average weekly wage benefit provided to the survivor.

Choosing To ActiveSync Androids In Your Company Will Make Sense For Your Network


Activesync security policies

While half of the people using mobile technology today in the US have a smart phone and more are on Android’s operating system than on any other, it is crucial that your company is able to ActiveSync Android devices so that it can protect all of its data and integrity. While the BYOD idea is a good one, you must be able to Activesync android devices with a proper MDM system in order to promote this concept because if a personal device gets lost, it means big security issues for your company. In fact, just under half of businesses that use BYOD experience a breach to their security because of it and when you Activesync android devices, you can prevent this.

The truth is that if you do not have ActiveSync security policies, you are not only hurting security for your company, but productivity as well. This is because through Exchange activesync, your employees can access data remotely and your IT people can update phones on a global scale remotely as well. This means that your employees will be able to have greater freedom without having to put your network in danger.