Day: June 14, 2013

The Race to the Top of Social Media Mountain


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The new model for internet marketing is quickly becoming content based SEO due to its engaging and informative material. A surprising 93 percent of internet users prefer to interact with brands through email as opposed to social media. 80 percent of search engine users say that they always, or usually, ignore sponsored links on results pages. Of all the online experiences, 93 percent begin with search engines. In the United States, 40 percent of smartphone users compare prices on their mobile device while shopping for items in a brick and mortar store. This shift from the traditional marketing strategies has left businesses scrambling to get their corner of the World Wide Web claimed with a stake. It is also well known that quite a few of these companies are taking the time learning how to use social media to advance their businesses.

One of the more popular SEO techniques these days is knowing how to use social media. Creating conversation, engaging the masses, and even posting updates with product or company information is a great way to talk about what is SEO. This gets people who know how to use social media to practically relay the message and information for them. Many social media consultants are engaging friends, customers, and anyone else interested with conversation topics like ‘What do you think about this product?’ or ‘How do you use your blank?’ There might even be the case where you explore exchange server hosting through social media and you begin to talk with someone about the features and such. that would be the perfect example of social media marketing using SEO techniques. See this reference for more.