Pods Take the Stress Out of Moving


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If, in the near future, you are planning to move from one end of the country to the other, you are probably trying to figure out which long distance movers to hire. Choosing the best movers for your situation can seem like a difficult prospect, especially if you have not moved in a long time. I will let you in on a little secret. Things have changed a lot since the last time you moved, and there are some really good options available to make your upcoming move much easier than the ones you have experienced previously.

If you want my advice, I recommend using pods for your move. Pods are giant moving containers that you keep on your property. You fill them up with your belongings as you pack them. No loading ramps or heavy lifting are necessary when you use pods because the containers are constructed for ground level loading. The best thing of all is that on moving day, a professional mover picks up the pod and drives it to your new home. No fuss, no muss.

You can rent pods for as long as you want so that you do not feel rushed getting all of your belongings out of your house. Pods take the stress out of moving because their storage capabilities give you the freedom to complete the packing up process on your own time table. This is very much to your benefit, as I learned from hard won experience.

One of the things people hate most about getting ready to move is the way recently packed boxes take over their soon to be vacated houses. For instance, I had never heard of pods the last time I moved, and by moving day, I felt claustrophobic because I was surrounded by stacks upon stacks of taped up cardboard boxes. There was barely even any room to walk. I wish I had known about pods back then.

The people from whom I purchased my hew house had rented pods for their own move, and I could tell that they had a much easier time moving than I did. They seemed relaxed and unrushed when I showed up in a panic after schlepping a gazillion cardboard boxes down two flights of stairs, followed by an emotionally taxing 45 minutes of attempting to squeeze them all into my rental truck, an endeavor that reminded me a great deal of playing Jenga as a kid. No matter what configuration I came up with, the intricately stacked cornucopia of cardboard rectangles piled high from floor to ceiling of the truck came crashing down again and again in an ongoing montage of collapsing khaki colored chaos before I was finally able to get the back of the truck to close shut.

Oh, if only I had heard about pods back then! I do not plan on moving any time soon, but if I ever do, you can be sure that I will rent pods. I never want to play Jenga with a gazillion cardboard boxes ever again!

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  1. We used pods for our last move, and it was so cute because my four year old son wanted to sleep out in the pod. He thought it was a camper!

  2. We used pods for our last move, and it was so cute because my four year old son wanted to sleep out in the pod. He thought it was a camper!

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