Planning a Military Move


Military do it yourself move calculator

Moving to a new home carries along with it a great deal of stress. The organization and execution of a move requires time, energy, and a great deal of planning. A do it yourself military move, known as a DITY, is considered by some to be even more stressful, though it comes with some added perks. Because DITY moves are reimbursed by the government, military moves can actually turn a profit. As long as you move your belongings on your own as a result of a Permanent Change of Station, Temporary Duty, or Temporary Additional Duty, DITY move reimbursement is an option.

In a military dity move, expenses including truck rental, packing materials, furniture pad and packing blanket rental, and the gas, oil, and tolls for a rental truck are all reimbursable. As long as a claim is submitted within 45 days after the completion of a DITY military move, the government will pay 95 percent of what it would have cost for the government to execute the move. Should the move cost less than that, the difference can be kept. Taking advantage of moving discounts and deals can make this an easily attainable possibility, resulting in profit. Besides financial gain, those choosing to execute a DITY military move are given additional time to plan their moves than they would have received with a government move. As long as the move is well planned and efficient, that time can be taken for relaxation and leisure. For some, military moves executed by the government have gone awry. An additional benefit of a full DITY move is total control over the process. The benefits of a DITY military move are certainly there.

The process itself can be helped by a military moving checklist, which begins with an appointment with the Personal Property Transportation Organization on base. After filling out a few forms, a DITY move is authorized and the planning can begin. DITY movers should arrange for any packers, moving companies, or rental equipment necessary to the process. Once insurance is confirmed and the plans are in place, DITY movers can collect their operating allowance from their local dispersing offices. Once the truck arrives, it is essential for military movers to calculate the total weight of the things they are moving in order for them to properly fill out the DITY ticket and receive reimbursement. Collect all receipts, including those for rental trucks, packing materials, moving equipment, gas, and tolls.

The program for Dity military moves can also be used in conjunction with other other programs. For example, some household goods can be shipped on a Government Bill of Lading (GBL) and the balance, up to the allowed weight allowance, under the DITY program. As long as military movers are smart about saving money, turning a profit on a military move is entirely attainable. As with any move, it takes good planning, but a DITY move can be a cost effective option for military personnel.

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