Do You Have What it Takes to be a Crane Operator?

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Hoisting and rigging

Are you interested in becoming a crane operator? Do you have the necessary discipline to take on an extremely pivotal and historic career? Do you want to operate lifting equipment and move heavy objects, but lack the training? We can help.

If your passion is to create in an exciting and changing environment, consider becoming a crane operator. As there are approximately 40,000 employed crane operators in the United States today, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there is plenty of opportunity to turn your passion into a career.

To be completely successful in this field, there is an expanse of training involved to ensure safety and reduce accidents while operating lifting equipment. Construction safety training, heavy equipment training and fall arrest training can all help you become a successful crane operator.

It is important to know and be comfortable with the lifting equipment you are working with. The Ancient Greeks used men or donkeys to power cranes, and as a result great buildings like the Parthenon still exist today. It does not matter what you use, so long as you know how to use it.

You should consider becoming a crane operator and obtaining your rigging certification if:

You prefer web slings over any other lifting slings because of their clear dominance in the field. They are lightweight and flexible, and their wide bearing surfaces do a great job protecting the lifted load.

You know the subtle nuances in a double braid rope. You know how the inner and outer braids can be made from different materials to enhance the product, that the fiber for the inner braid is selected for its strength and the outer braid fiber offers a higher resistance to abrasion makes it optimal for usage while lifting equipment.

You know that wire ropes are typically made from non alloy carbon steel, and can spend hours debating the benefits of lifting equipment with a wire rope with the carbon content of .04 percent wire rope with one with a carbon content of a .95 percent .

If you have a passion for operating lifting equipment, consider becoming a crane operator today.

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