Collect the Longshore Workers Compensation to which You are Entitled

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Offshore injury lawyer

If you are injured on the job doing longshore and harbor related work, contacting a DBA attorney should be your first move. Dba lawyers can help make sure that the protective regulations of the Workers Compensation Act are correctly adhered to in order to address your maritime claims. As a means of ensuring the continuing provision of benefits for workers who are injured while employed at an insolvent company, the Longshore workers compensation program reserves 2.8 billion dollars in securities, and a defense base ACT attorney can help you gain access to these funds. Defense base ACT attorneys can help you receive the maximum 1,295.20 weekly wage replacement payment to which you are entitled according to longshore workers compensation regulations so that you do not get stuck with collecting the minimum 1,295.20 dollar wage replacement per week.

Longshore and harbor workers deserve to be compensated for their injuries. 155,000 longshore workers risk their lives in Iraq and Afghanistan as contractors every day, and many thousands more support other operations across the world. In 2011 alone, over 50 percent of the workforce DOD was made up of longshore and harbor contractors in Iraq and Afghanistan, and these individuals deserve expatriate compensation if they are injured. Longshore workers compensation is a right that you must claim if you are a longshoreman who has been injured working overseas.

The longshore workers compensation program can be more easily navigated by those who have proper legal representation. Thus, it is important to make sure you work with an experienced attorney who is familiar with the sort of claim you are making. A good lawyer can help facilitate your longshore workers compensation benefits being provided to you in a timely and efficient manner. Your longshore workers compensation benefits are too important to your livelihood to trust to the bureaucracy alone, which is why getting a good lawyer is paramount.

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