Day: May 23, 2013

Dentist Offices Built for Patient Comfort


Dental construction companies

Health care reform will mean that an additional 32 million Americans will have insurance coverage. In 2012, health related spending accounted for nearly 18 percent of the GNP (Gross National Product). The percentage is expected to increase steadily if reforms do not take place.

With so much activity in the field of healthcare construction of medical facilities is growing. In cities like Portland dental construction is on the rise. All over Oregon healthcare construction is taking place, and medical construction companies are busy across the United States.

The presence of new dental office construction companies is good news for patients. Designs for dental offices take into account the different types of services provided. Family dentistry does not require the same set up as cosmetic dentistry. Offices that provide dental surgery or orthodontic procedures might have different needs in their designs, too. Portland dental construction companies are certainly being kept busy.

Portland dental construction is being done with the patient in mind. Studies have shown that patients feel less anxious in offices that have a neater, more streamlined design to them. About 25 percent of patients say that they are willing to travel for medical procedures. Maybe with the new designs in the construction of medical facilities more patients will decide stay closer to home.