Discover Why Gardening Is so Popular

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Chesapeake landscape

Gardening is one of America’s most popular past times. In fact, of the nearly 164 million homeowners in the United States, almost half say that they have gardened in the past 12 months. That comes out to about a quarter of the population of the entire country. Recently, there has been an increased interest in gardening, in large part due to the sluggish economy.

In the United States, the typical gardener is a woman, 45 years old or older, and usually has at least some college education. However, anyone can enjoy gardening regardless of age, race, or sex. This universal quality of gardening is one of the reasons that it is so popular. World wide, gardening and outdoor living industry is expected to increase 3.5% a year for the next few years. By 2016, it is expected to reach almost $220 billion.

Exercise is one of the benefits that gardening can provide. Garden helps to maintain flexibility and mobility through walking, reaching, bending. Another great thing about gardening is that you can do as little or as much as you want. Some people just plant a few trees and shrubs for some basic landscaping. This can help improve the aesthetic look of your house and also increase its value. Other people get very involved in garden design and grow a full plant nursery.

If you want to get started in gardening head to your nearest plant nursery or garden centers. You can also find lots of information and ideas on the internet or at your local library. Do not wait to start enjoying the many advantages that garden has in store for you.

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