Chair Lifts Can Be Great for the Stairs at Home

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Stair elevators

Whether you are purchasing a new house and you are seeking an elevator home for a family member that requires a home chair lift, or you are simply considering home elevator installation for your current residence, you know how important it is to get the right product that fits the setup of your house.

Chair lifts, also referred to as stair gliders or stair lifts, are sometimes necessary to accommodate people who have restricted mobility as the result of a mental or physical condition. This is what the Americans With Disabilities Act, or ADA, officially recognizes as a disability.

Whether you need a vertical platform lift or a curved stair lift, be sure that get a product that is made from the finest and most durable materials, as well as one that can be readily installed in your home with no complications.

Though elevator home equipment and chair lifts are certainly modern inventions, they have an interesting history. In fact, King Henry VIII used an early version of the chair lift in London at Whitehall Palace, where servants employed a “block and tackle system” to carry him over stairs after a jousting accident left him unable to traverse them on his own. That said, it was an engineer named C.C. Crispen who built the first version of the modern stair lift for a friend in need in the 1920’s. More recent developments in technology have allowed for wheelchair elevators that are used to help people get into trucks so that they may utilize heavy machinery.

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