Month: November 2013

Having Trouble Sleeping at Night? It May Be Due to Sleep Apnea

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Sleep apnea dental device

There have been some reported cases in which sleep apnea has been linked to certain types of cancers. Now that we have your attention, it’s important to learn all about this sleeping condition that is causing harm to millions of people around the world. When you learn more, you may just discover remedies for sleep apnea and a possible sleep apnea cure.

Obstructive sleep apnea is a common, chronic sleep disorder that causes patients to pause or stop breathing periodically during deeper levels of sleep. These pauses can last from just a few seconds to more than a minute, and they can happen many times during the course of an hour. Sleep apnea can thrust patients into a lighter phase of sleep and leave them feeling tired Read More

Should You Become an SEO Reseller? Why It Makes Sense

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If you already run a successful web design and social media solutions firm, why should your existing clients outsource SEO (search engine optimization) to another company when they could simply invest in SEO services from your business?

What does it mean to resell SEO?

As an SEO reseller, you would purchase original SEO content–along with the use of a software interface that allows you to track the results of the marketing campaign–from another online marketing company. This business would sell this package to you, which you would then repackage under your own brand name and sell to your clients at a profit.

This makes particular sense if your business does not have the necessary infrastructure to create the SEO program on its own. In turn, the other company gets increased distribution of its product in the marketplace.

Why does SEO matter to businesses?

Companies that use SEO outsourcing understa Read More