When People Use Marijuana Addictive Qualities Normally Come With Them

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Is marijuana addictive

In the past year alone, an estimated 11.5 percent of Americans have used marijuana. This percentage accounts for about 25 million or more Americans, proving that the drug’s use is as pervasive as anyone guessed it could be. This drug is easy to get, it is more cost effective than other drugs to purchase and its effects cause feelings of euphoria, so of course this many Americans use it. But for those who do it more than once, they are finding out more and more about the addictive qualities that the drug has attached to it. For when these people regularly use marijuana addictive components usually crop up.

For instance, for people asking is marijuana addicting, the proof that it could perhaps be lies in just how many chronic and habitual marijuana users there are out there. Twenty five million U.S. citizens have used the drug over the past year, but how many have used it every day over the past 12 months? The answer is harder than most to answer, but usually people who use the drug tend to continue using it. So when these users smoke marijuana addictive experiences accompany them. Whether this means marijuana addictive remains to be seen, but more people than in the past are seeking out cannabis treatment programs for their cannabis withdrawal symptoms, so that has to count for something.

Research studies are further proving that for those regularly using marijuana addictive side effects do come into play. For instance, a Duke University research project found that of the 496 smokers of marijuana who were adults 95.5 percent of them had one symptom after they tried to quit smoking the drug, while 43.1 percent had experienced several marijuana withdrawal symptoms. Whether they experienced a craving for the drug after they quit, which is the No. 1 most common symptom that people report, or whether they experience depression, like the American Journal of Psychiatry study found after following 1,920 marijuana users for 16 years, these marijuana addicts are experiencing something, and most need help.

For those who regularly use marijuana addictive side effects like this usually do crop up, but luckily professional help is just around the corner. This helps these addicts in ways they perhaps cannot calculate, since drug arrests can follow people who use marijuana a lot. In fact, according to drugabuse.gov, about 30 percent of those who are arrested for these violations are 19 or younger. So for these people to get into treatment programs sooner than later, success can more than likely be achieved.

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