Car Making an Extra Tick? Maybe it Just Needs an Oil Change

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Change engine oil

Some of the many functions that motor oil performs are helping the engine start easily, lubricating engine parts, protecting against rust and corrosion, reducing friction, minimizing combustion chamber deposits, and keeping engine parts clean and cool. Because of those benefits, drivers in the United States alone produce about 1.3 billion gallons of used motor oil every year. In order to gain the maximum advantage from oil, individuals will need to find great car oil change locations and visit them regularly. Heading to car oil change locations often is one of the best ways for individuals to keep their vehicle running smoothly and finding out where to get an oil change soon after buying a car is a good idea.

The Society of Automotive Engineers, or SAE, has created a numerical grading system for classifying motor oils based on their viscosity characteristics. The numbers the SAE uses for its grading to establish motor oil standards are 0, 5, 15, 20, 25, 30, 40, 50, and 60. By heading to great car oil change locations individuals can both learn about engine oil and get the oil in their car replaced. Dependable car oil change locations will be able to determine the best motor oil for your car and quickly change out the old stuff.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, every year, 200 million gallons of used oil are disposed of improperly, which can be immensely harmful to the environment. However, the best oil change places will safely remove and dispose old oil. While some car oil change locations will make sure that it is properly disposed of, others will see that it is recycled to be used again. Either way, car oil change locations today have come a long way from those that simply dumped old oil down the drain.

Although there are many car oil change locations that drivers can use, finding the right one is not always easy. Because every car, and every owner, is unique, there might not be one of the car oil change locations that is right for everyone. So in order to find the best one, individuals might want to spend some time doing a bit of research. While some will do so on the internet, others will simply ask a friend or neighbor for a recommendation. Either way, taking the time to get familiar with several car oil change locations can be quite worthwhile.
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