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The Canadian bail system promotes wealth-based imprisonments. Those who can afford the high bails enjoy the freedom, and those who aren’t able to spend their time in jail. Pretrial detentions are the principal cause of why prison populations continue to rise at an alarming rate.

The arrestee is able to be booked at the police station. Depending on the level of criminal activity, the police can release the suspect under bail, or bring them to the court. Once the court determines the suspect’s cash bail amount, the defendant’s relatives approach bail bonding agencies that will pay the bail amounts on their behalf , at affordable cost.

Before they can sign agreement to sign appearance bonds with the courts, most bail agencies offer 10% of the bail amount. The bail bonding firm will file a request to the court to get its funds back if the defendant shows in all of the hearings. The judge conducts a search for bail in order to establish the bail status of the defendant before it can discharge the bail request. Whether the defendant is guilty or not the bail bonding firm is reimbursed for its funds. y2c5p9nkhm.

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