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A finished basement If they’re in perfect state and have proof of their existence you could paint them. They don’t require drywall to be covered. As well, paneling is not required. It’s best to first consult a professional for the ideal paints and the best preparation. Curtains are also an option for those who don’t wish to paint your home or are on limited funds. In order to visually brighten your area or create a bit of privacy without the need to build additional walls, you can hang curtains in your basement. This will enable you to not just divide your space but will also make it more comfortable. The curtains can be hanged from either track or stretch the wire out on both ends , if you like.
What You Can Save On the Basement Ceiling

The finished basement ceiling can provide a fantastic method to reduce costs. If you’re planning to go to go for an lofty look, and the basement is in great condition, you may want to keep it as it is. Additionally, you could offer your ceiling a cheap change. It is possible to do this with a number of ways. Ceilings can be painted. You get more height and dimensions if you keep your ceiling unfinished. However, there are instances where you may not have the best-looking ceilings. If that’s the situation you’re facing, the best option is to color the floor of the joists. You should also consider painting your subflooring and the entire floor by using a soft white. It is an excellent method to let in the sunlight inside your basement.

An umbrella is another approach for you to boost the look of your basement ceiling. This can help you create a romantic and soft look to your basement using an elegant fabric. Just staple white sheets to the flooring. Then let them drape down better creating a billowing effect. Shade sails, upside-down parasols and shade sails can be used to create an exciting feel.


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