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If you have a strong steel door the intruder or unwelcome guests could get through the hinges and frame of the door, and gain entry inside. This is the reason it is important to look at double or triple-enforcing your hinges using steel solid or titanium screws and mounting hardware. It is also important to check that your strike plate is a security-rated one as well as that your door’s frame isn’t just strengthened but made with security in mind.


Another home renovation which will boost the worth of your house is the deck. The first consideration is whether your deck is connected to the home, or is a separate structure. Also, you should consider the length and the load-bearing requirement when the deck isn’t at a low level to the ground. It is also important to think about the activities your family members will be doing on the deck. For example, not everyone is a fan of grilling out or cook, but perhaps you enjoy it. Are you able to fit a pool or hot tub on your deck? Sketch out the plans firstand then consider the area that is required. After that, think about the types of materials that you will employ.

Wood is the most common deck-building material. It’s not as simple as it seems. Wood comes in kinds of sizes, shapes and styles. Most commonly, the wood that is used is treated with pressure and is pressure washed. This kind of wood, mostly cedar is extremely easy to handle. It’s easy to apply stains on pressure treated wood for it’s protection. However, it can quickly become brittle and fall into pieces if it’s not properly treated. Composite boards are also quite frequent, and outlast pressure-treated wood. The composite boards are much more resistant to scratches and stains than boards treated with pressure. But, they do not appear as woody like pressure-treated boards. On the more expensive side are exotic hardwoods such as the tropical variety. These kinds of woods are far more robust and durable. 7yjch7dd6r.

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