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The police officers serve the people in their community and are responsible for protecting it. The majority of them protect lives and properties. They can have a variety of duties and roles. All calls, both emergency and non-emergency, can be handled by police. Officers from the police force conduct traffic stops and inspect the designated zones. They are able to issue tickets and citations, get warrants, take suspects into custody, and get warrants.

It is required to have the high school diploma or college-level education, for a position as a police officer. There are different requirements according to the location you live in. Education isn’t an essential requirement to be a police officer though there are some with master’s or bachelor’s degree. A majority of police officers work within local governments, but they are also able to work for the federal government or the state government. Police officers are working in the field is rising. The Department of Labor predicts by the Department of Labor that the rising number of jobs will increase over the next few years. Employment numbers are contingent on budgets and availability in various regions of the country.

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