Six Things Beauty Magazines Aren’t Telling You

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Love it or hate it, makeup feels like an imperative for many women in our society, and it’s been that way for ages. The earliest records of makeup date back to the first dynasty of Egypt, between 3100 and 2907 B.C., and even today, 25% of women believe that makeup is so crucial that they would be passed over for professional promotions with out it. Despite our heavy reliance on cosmetics to conform to society’s beauty standards, many women are still not sure how to apply them in a flattering way. Here, we’ll provide a few professional makeup tips that will take your look to a new level.

  1. Ease Up on the Eyeliner

    Harsh eyeliner can be very distracting, and can even make your eyes look smaller. In addition, it isn’t exactly easy to apply dark colors successfully. That isn’t to say that there’s never a time or place for black liquid liner. I myself wear it on just my top lashes every day, but it took a lot of practice before I could apply it well. A better option for many is to use a blended pencil liner, especially along the bottom lash line. Try using a neutral brown on your tear line and blending under your lashes with a lighter color of eyeshadow.

  2. Don’t Neglect Your Eyebrows

    This is one of the most frequently forgotten professional makeup tips. Eyebrow tint can bring plenty of definition and intensity to your eyes. Fill them with an angled brush to really help them frame your face.

  3. Use White Eyeshadow Sparingly

    I blame Pinterest on this one. Too many tutorials have touted the ability of white to brighten your eyes, creating legions of grown women who look like fifth graders circa 2000. Try highlighting with eyeshadow colors that lean closer to light beige. A touch of white in the inner corners of your eye can look nice when it’s done well, but avoid using it all the way across the lid. Trust me.

  4. For Heaven’s Sake, Moisturize!

    If you find the right one, you won’t feel oily or become prone to breakouts. If you want glowing, vibrant skin, moisturizer is the only answer. Personally, I like mixing my cream foundation with a little moisturizer. It keeps my skin looking fresh, and makes my foundation appear more sheer. More on that next.

  5. Don’t Overestimate How Much Coverage You Need

    We tend to overuse foundation in an attempt to mimic the impossibly smooth complexions that appear in magazines. I’m here to tell you that even the models you see in articles about professional makeup tips don’t have skin that perfect. Caking on foundation is only making your skin look older and duller. Apply your foundation thoughtfully, only covering the things that really need covering, and even then, use the sheerest coverage possible. Trouble spots can be treated with concealer instead.

  6. Show Your Lips Some Love

    A nude lip can look great, but the secret magazines are keeping from you is that a perfect lip actually requires some work. Whether you’re shooting for an understated nude lip or a bold red one, use a lip liner to contour your lips before adding color. To make it stay, brush over the first layer of lipstick with finishing powder and then reapply. I also like highlighting my cupid’s bow with some light eyeshadow and contouring beneath my lower lip with bronzer to add definition and fullness.

These professional makeup tips can really take any look to a higher level. Next time you sit down in front of the vanity mirror, try them out and see where they take you. More on this topic:

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