Day: January 7, 2014

Six Things Beauty Magazines Aren’t Telling You

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Baked makeup

Love it or hate it, makeup feels like an imperative for many women in our society, and it’s been that way for ages. The earliest records of makeup date back to the first dynasty of Egypt, between 3100 and 2907 B.C., and even today, 25% of women believe that makeup is so crucial that they would be passed over for professional promotions with out it. Despite our heavy reliance on cosmetics to conform to society’s beauty standards, many women are still not sure how to apply them in a flattering way. Here, we’ll provide a few professional makeup tips that will take your look to a new level.

  1. Ease Up on the Eyeliner

    Harsh eyeliner can be very distracting, and can even make your eyes look smaller. In addition, it isn’t exactly easy to apply dark colors successfully. That isn’t to say that ther Read More