A Dip So Delicious That Your Tastebuds Will Do a Dance

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Spicy hummus dip

If you are on the lookout for delicious chick pea recipes, hummus is your answer. Hummus, a Middle Eastern and Arabic food, is a spread that is made using mashed chickpeas, which are usually blended with olive oil, garlic, salt, lemon juice, and tahini, which is a sauce made from hulled, ground sesame seeds. This creates a creamy, delightful dip or spread that is can eaten with chips, pita bread, veggies, and many other food items. Easy hummus recipes will only incorporate these traditional ingredients, but you can also find other recipes for hummus spreads that can be just as tasty, and add different flavor profiles.

A simple alternative to the original blend is roasted garlic hummus dip, where you roast the cloves of garlic before adding them to your blender. You can also achieve a spicy hummus dip by adding in either jalapenos, cayenne peppers, or black pepper, or even combine these three for an extra kick. Some people love the taste of roasted red pepper hummus where the red peppers are heated over an open flame to induce a char on the outer skin. The skin is then peeled off, and the soft portion of the pepper is chopped up and either folded into the rest of the ingredients, or completely blended in to add thickness.

There are also many different recipes with hummus that use this spread as a condiment or topping. You can crust your meat with hummus, use it in salads as a dressing, and on top of bruschetta to add flavor to the existing tomato salsa. Others have incorporated hummus into their pasta dishes as a creamy sauce element.

The best part about this scrumptious spread is that you do not have to worry about hummus nutrition. Hummus nutrition facts show that it is extremely high in dietary fiber, as well as folic acid, vitamin B6, and vitamin C. It also boasts a significant amount of iron, as well as protein. In addition, the sesame seeds in tahini provide an excellent source of an essential amino acid called methionine.

So go ahead and experiment with as many hummus recipes as you want, and you do not have to worry about adding inches to your waist. Of course, everything should be eaten in moderation, but snacking and dining on hummus every now and then is not going to hurt you. Research more here.

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