Try Desktop Grommets and Wire Management to Protect Your Workspace Technology

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When you have multiple workstations with multiple computers, protecting and managing all of those wires can be a challenge. Whether you are in charge of the IT department of your organization, or responsible for ensuring that workspaces are as efficient as possible, then there are two protection products that you cannot do without.

  • Desktop grommets.
  • Desk grommets protect wires when they are used in furniture. You can buy grommets in several different styles, some of which are slotted, some of which have nylon brushes, and some of which are flanged. Desk grommets are generally flexible liners that fit into the hole of a desk, and a cap which secures it, but you should choose the grommet which is appropriately sized for the amount of wiring that you will be feeding down and through the desk.

    You may want to choose long slotted grommets when there are an exceptional amount of cords and cables to deal with, and the smaller circular grommets when you expect that computers or technology will always be located on the same spot of a desk. Choosing a grommet with a nylon brush can help keep cords from getting tangled, and also keep dust from filtering down below the desk.

  • Wire management.
  • With desk grommets protecting your wires, all that remains is making sure that from behind the desk or beneath it you can tell which wires go where. Color cable ties can help if you have a color coding system, but wire management can include comb devices, straps, identification tags, sleeving, and other wire management tools. Clear labeling will save you time and trouble.

Wire management and desktop grommets are simple and affordable solutions to the common problem created when technology starts to get out of control. The next time that a USB cord or monitor cable needs to be replaced or adjusted, you will be grateful for the desktop grommets and wire management devices that you had added to your workspaces. Good refereneces:

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