A Virtual Visitation System Can Provide Easier Visits

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Prisoner visitation rights

Currently prisons and jails are seeing a new technology that is benefiting both the facility as well as the inmates. Virtual visitation systems are making visitations between the prisoners and friends and family much simpler.

Virtual visitation systems are now being built into the design or remodel of jail facilities and prisons. This inmate visitation system is considered a cost cutting measure of the construction. A virtual visitation system can also cut down on staffing costs. Additionally, a virtual visitation system can also provide more visitation opportunities to the inmate population. Another positive aspect of a virtual visitation system is that it can reduce the contraband that can enter jails or prison from in person prison visits.

As of May 2013, the United States prison population stands at 218,171. With virtual visitation systems, the families of these prisoners have a convenient option to traveling hundreds of miles to make a prison visit. A prison video visitation system can allow family and friends to make visits from their own homes for added convenience.

These systems essentially use the same technology as that used in business digital videoconferencing. This technology has also been used in other industries and applications such as distance learning and telemedicine. Courts are also using virtual visitation for video arraignments and pleas. This use in courts allows attorneys, judges, and clergy to do their jobs with out some of the dangers or hassles that accompany an in person proceeding.

Virtual visitation systems are relative new and cutting edge, and as such, it may be a while before we see the implementation of these systems into the majority of prison and jail facilities. However, there are many important positive aspects to these systems, including ensuring that prison visitation rights are met.

You can easily find out if your local prison or jail has a virtual visitation system, or if they are considering adding one to their facilities. Just make a quick phone call to the administration of the facility. If they do not have this type of system, this could be the perfect opportunity to explain how a virtual visitation system can be of benefit to the facility, the prisoners, as well as family and friends.

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