ISO Training Helps Companies Prevent The Spread Of Germs

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Haccp training

As of the year 2010, the ISO 14001 standard was utilized by over 223,000 organizations in 159 different countries and economies. With the proper ISO training you can receive guidance in food safety certification as well as HACCP certification training that will help your staff members more aware of how to prevent illnesses from bacteria like E. coli, which has an incubation period of between one and ten days.

Make sure that you get your ISO training from a reliable source of HACCP training so that you can get information necessary to give you the right certifications. Iso 14001 certification will make your business safer and will impress customers that are looking for companies that can make sure they take care of the food products they handle. Some types of certifications are necessary for businesses that operate in certain states. In California, for example, there is a California Food Handler Card Law that requires Food Handler cards for workers that prepare, serve, or store food.

You should also find Iso training that will help you prevent the most common bacteria from causing problems with your food safety. Salmonella, for example, was named after Dr. Daniel E. Salmon and has been known to be a source of illness for over a century. There is also specialty training such as FAMI QS, a safety and quality management system for feed ingredients that minimizes the risk of unsafe ingredients in feed. Proper safety training will keep your organization’s food in great condition.

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