Contemporary Bathroom Fixtures

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Walk in tubs

Contemporary toilets come in all shapes and sizes, as well as designs, pressure systems, and more features than you could have dreamed. These modern toilets have come a long way from 1857, the year that saw the first American patent for a toilet. With water efficient and water saving toilets, your family can save as much as $100 each year on water bills. In addition to options such as shape, size, color, and ergonomics, you can also choose a commercial toilet or pressure assisted toilets. Pressure assisted toilets use a sealed inner tank so that compressed air pushes the water out, instead of simply letting gravity do the work. While they may be more efficient, commercial and contemporary toilets tend to be easier and cheaper to fix for the layperson.

Other bathroom renovations you may want to look into include bathtubs, which offer a significant number of variations. There are soaking tubs, walk in tubs, and traditional tubs. Soaking tubs are designed so that the bather can be fully immersed and comfortably situated for a long, relaxing bath, while walk in tubs can help those with limited mobility to continue their independence without risking their health. Another option for renovating or updating the look of your bathroom is the replacement or installation of vanities or sinks.

As always, if you’re concerned about aesthetics, be sure to compare all your options before choosing one or more. If you choose one of the contemporary toilets that is a color that doesn’t coordinate with your desired palate, a walk in bathtub that doesn’t match your design pattern, or a bathroom vanity that clashes with your other fixtures, you may regret it later on. A renovation, whether it is partial with the installation of contemporary toilets or a full project with the replacement of everything, is an expensive undertaking that you may not be able to afford on a regular basis.

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