Drug Screening for Houston’s Workforce

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Whether you’re looking for genetic testing in houston, criminal background checks, or drug screening Houston’s franchise of USA Mobile Drug Testing (USAMDT) can provide those services. With the staggering number of work days and dollars lost because of alcohol and drug abuse, 571 million and $100 billion, respectively, many Houston companies have implemented a drug free workplace policy and require their employees to take drug testing in Houston. About half of the American population drinks on occasion, if not more, and seven million Americans used psychotherapeutic drugs for illicit purposes, according to statistics in recent years. To implement a drug free policy, drug screening Houston provides must be efficient and correct in order to keep employees productive or bring potential employees into the company, and Houston Mobile Drug Testing will do just that. Their services are performed on site, reducing travel for employees, and they help your company with any local, state, or federal compliance issues. By using drug screening Houston’s workforce will be more productive because many drug users are one third less productive than those who do not use drugs. More.

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