Day: January 14, 2013

Every Rock Star Needs a Great Guitar

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Telecaster guitars

The newest electric custom 24 PRS guitars hardly resemble the bowl harps made of tortoise shells and tanburs, which are the earliest stringed instruments known to archaeologists. While some 78 percent of guitar players say that they like to play both acoustic and electric guitars, depending on the sound that someone wants, one of the electric custom 24 PRS guitars might be the best option. Whether someone prefers a hard rock or smooth jazz sound, electric custom 24 PRS guitars, especially when combined with a product like one of the Fender Tone King amps for sale, offer something for everyone.

A jazz musician might prefer one of the electric custom 24 PRS guitars modeled after the 20th century archtop guitars made by D’Angelico and D’Aquisto, While some might want to choose from the selection of Steve Vai Ibanez guitars to emulate his style. Others may want a rare five stringer circa 1700 made by Antonio Stradivarius, who, despite being known for making violins, also made guitars. Whatever the case, the variety of electric custom 24 PRS guitars, including McCarty PRS guitars for sale, can allow any talented musician the ability to hone in on a unique sound.

Guitars have lots of value, even the smashed bass guitar from Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit” video was expected to cost around $40,000 when sold in auction. Though electric Fender telecaster guitars and the Fender Two Rock amps for sale might not cost thousands, finding a great deal on them might be the best way for an individual to build a custom sound. Those, or one of the electric custom 24 prs guitars available can help any musician boost their career.

As an SEO Reseller You Can Enjoy Four Specific Things

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Seo reseller

SEO outsourcing has its merits, as pretty much all SEO resellers will attest. There of course is the autonomy you enjoy as a reseller and not a full time employee or direct division of another company. Then there are the added financial rewards without any significant additional expenses. Of course there is more decision making in your corner too, letting you choose certain things. And lastly, there is the uptick in visibility you experience when you outsource seo.

Perhaps the main reason a person or company decides to be an SEO reseller is autonomy. You out of nowhere have something new and useful to offer, of course alongside the other things you offer and sell within your business. But no one is telling you how to run the show or dictating how you must resell to clients. Also, because you are an SEO reseller and not a direct employee, there are no crazy long term contracts involved and no steep price to pay should you elect not to continue after your time is up.

Then, of course, there are the financial rewards you start to see come in when you are an SEO reseller. Everyone knows SEO is pretty cheap considering the costs for other similar marketing services, most of which do significantly less to improve a company’s online performance in search rankings and in other areas too. But you probably will have lots of companies wanting your help, so the numbers should jump pretty soon after you start reselling, and meanwhile you are not shelling out big time costs to make it available.

You additionally get to make all sorts of important decisions as an SEO reseller. For instance, you make up what you are going to charge your customers, and that number can vary from customer to customer. Or you could make up a payment system or a price menu, but this normally occurs after you have been at it a while and understand more about the real costs involved. Aside from costs, you decide how to communicate and how to deliver SEO work to clients, making you the boss.

Simply by being an SEO reseller, you are more visible online too. People search every day for SEO providers and resellers, and your name could just as easily be listed as a provider or reseller shortly after you start with a program. So your Internet presence can receive the same kind of boost that your clients are getting, without hardly any work on your part.