Weight Loss Is It Better to Eat Less or Exercise More? – Health and Fitness Tips

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The issue should not be treated as lightly. This can lead to major medical issues that affect many individuals across the world including those in America. There are many who feel that they need to lose weight even if they do not have any medical issues. This can be a challenge, however, no matter how much a person may weigh. There is a possibility that you are wondering what is the best approach to losing weight. Should you eat less, or should you exercise more? In this short video, you will get advice from a doctor who will provide the information you require to make an informed choice.

To result in weight loss, studies suggest that exercise should be rigorous and last for about 90 minutes every day. That could be the reason why some individuals aren’t experiencing a significant change in their weight, despite doing exercise. We are more affected by calories than exercise. In the video, the doctor suggests that you look at how many calories, what kinds of foods you eat and the time of your consumption. Monitoring your diet could become more efficient rather than working out more.


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