A Healthy Head Lice Treatment from the American Academy of Dermatology – Free Health Videos

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Find anyone who is suffering from lice. It is possible for lice to spread across a person’s head through head-to-head contact. No matter how dirty or clean a person’s hair appears, lice will still live there. Because they require human blood for their survival, they are looking for potential victims. Every year millions of people contract head lice. Schools are especially susceptible to headlice infestations. It is estimated that 6 to 12 million kids between the ages of three and twelve in the United States contract head lice each year.

Although they are not associated with transmitting disease They can cause your scalp to become very itchy. Scalp sores are often caused due to frequent scratching. Many people have difficulty sleeping because of the severe itching. Many people can manage head lice on their own. If you are unable to remove the lice, or if it is producing itching, it is recommended to see the dermatologist. For more information, watch this video.


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